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We place a very high value on our relationships with Creators. Whether you have an established show looking for a data analysis to take to investors, or you are in the beginning stages of an idea and looking for full development and production help, we can do it all. We have worked with every budget level, on reality and scripted, on large events and small.oreet.


We strongly support Brand Integration in New Media content. We have personal relationships with numerous Creators, allowing us to be in the unique position of being able to pitch projects directly to them, regardless of their MCN affiliation or management situation. If you are looking for a good promotional opportunity, we work on many varying projects at a time, and are able to find the perfect fit for your Brand.


About Discourse

Discourse Productions is a boutique production company, specializing in digital media content and events. With over 30 years combined expertise, our founders offer a full range of development, production, analytical, and post services for our clients. We believe in producing high-quality and engaging content, responsibly and profitably.

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